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We have started a new book club at The Raspberry Cakery & I am really looking forward to getting back into reading. It's been lovely this last week to have an excuse to sit down with a book. So (as I have finished my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge for now) I am setting myself some reading challenges. The first is to read 52 books in 52 weeks, the second is to finish my A-Z of authors list at the same time in an attempt to try new authors. I will also be reading each of the monthly books set by the book club, and will be identifying my personal challenge book - one that I feel I should read.

Challenge 1 - 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Start Date: 18th June 2013
1: The Juliette Society, Sasha Grey (Book Club at the Cakery) 24/06/2013

Challenge 2 - A-Z of Authors
A:  Adelaide, Debra - The Household Guide to Dying
C:  Crichton, Michael - Pirate Latitudes
D:  Davies, Melanie - Never Say Die
F:  Fitzgerald, Scot F. - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
G:  Gimenez, Mark - The Common Lawyer
H:  Harris, Charlaine - Dead Until Dark
I:  Ishiguro, Kazuo - Never Let Me Go
J:  James, E. L. - Fifty Shades of Grey
K:  Kelly, Erin - The Poison Tree
M:  Meyer, Stephanie - The Host
N:  North, Freya - Home Truths
R:  Russell, Craig - Brother Grimm
S:  Sebold, Alice - The Lovely Bones
W:  Winman, Sarah - When God was a Rabbit

Challenge 3 - My Challenge Book
To be decided.....

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