Thursday, February 13, 2014

Losing my way

I've done it again! Got all sucked in by life and distracted away from my organising. Once again I feel that not a single space in the house is right. The kitchen is as close as it can be until I get a chance to decorate. But everywhere the just a mess. Or has someing that needs doing before I'll be happy with it. 

Because of this I have gotten a bit lapse at getting on. So this morning I decided to try to grab a bit of control again and got stuck back in to my morning routine. I wasn't up at quite the time I had hoped, but I did all of the cleaning tasks on it and felt better for it.

I haven't blogged for a while because I just haven't had the time, or inclination if I am perfectly honest! But here I am. I've managed to sneak 10 minutes while Evie has a late afternoon nap (yes, I will pay for this later!) 

My new plan is to print out my daily cleaning tasks, and put them somewhere I will see them. This might be a few places, until it becomes routine. Doing the laundry every day had become routine, so I know it CAN happen, I just need to be a bit more focused. The evenings are getting lighter & will, hopefully, be warming up soon which tends to bring a bit of positivity with it. Until that happens I need to do it myself. 

Once I have mastered the daily tasks, I will do a weekly list, then monthly and so on. This should build into my cleaning schedule. 

Right - I'm off to do it. And maybe tidy my bedroom so at least one space is tidy!!!!

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