Sunday, February 16, 2014

Change is good

My original plan for February was to get my walk-in wardrobe organised. This would include sorting through my clothes, jewellery & make up to help my morning routine and laundry putting away go a bit more smoothly. 

However, after a bit of thought this has become a very different project. The main gist is still to get my clothes etc sorted, BUT while on my mission to give everything a home and make stuff easy to put away, I discovered that a part of it is also not having a space that piles of clothes can be easily left. In my case - the wardrobe floor! Another side of is is in trying to keep my living room tidy the main 'sticking point' is Evie's toys being all the place. I don't really mind, but she has to get everything out and nothing really has it's own home and I think for my own sanity moving forward I need to get this sorted. So what I've decided is that I will exchange my large walk-in wardrobe for a smaller (hopefully more organised) wardrobe in our bedroom and will make Evie an absolutely wonderful playroom where she can make as much mess as she wants without mummy and daddy getting too concerned about it. I feel that this means I have officially grown up.

So February has been a bit if a wash out so far organising wise, but I've done a lot of planning. Sadly not a huge amount of blogging, mainly as I haven't had anything to really say.

I have been getting on with some odd bits her and there and have got a lots of projects lined up. I do also have a few more interesting blog posts in mind too. But I am saving them until I have time to write them properly and take some nice photos to really do the justice and start pushing this blog. 

My living room at the moment is black and grey. We did have some green accents, but they were all moved out to make way for Christmas decorations and haven't made their way back in yet. I have now decided I want to bring in yellow to add some colour ready for spring. Though, as my luck would have it, I appear to be ahead of the colour trends - at least that's what I am telling myself - and cannot find yellow accessories anywhere! Not to worry though, I will be doing some making so I'll have some lovely original accessories. 

Now I'm off to build sme wardrobes....

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