Monday, February 03, 2014

An organised kitchen update

Well folks, I did it! Nearly.


It's not perfect but it's definitely an improvement. It's better. I did most of what I set out to do and have a list of what I want to finish. I haven't done my cleaning schedule yet, but I will.


I know that I get a bit....disheartened, shall we say....reading blogs posts about people who get everything done, who seem to have their life perfectly organised. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading them and I get so inspired, but sometimes I just want to know that somewhere out there is someone in the same place as me. Hopefully this post goes to show someone else that I'm 'there' too.


On the more positive, here is my newly organised kitchen and some of my favourite bits.

Not totally happy with the shelves in the top left hand corner of the picture above, but it's a start.
Lovely clear workspaces.
That space at the end of the island could definitely be used for something! I have some command hooks I want to paint and use for tea towels & oven gloves. Maybe kitchen roll holder? Utensils? Will have to wait until Evie is a bit older though....
This is my beautiful bread bin. It was a birthday present a few years ago.
And this is my egg bowl (although it currently contains clothes pegs as we have another egg container.
This is Evie's toy kitchen. Great to have play space in the kitchen so she feels involved when we're cooking.
My plate organising has made a much bigger difference than I had imagined!

Likewise, this cupboard was a nightmare! Everything was stacked on top of each other & the Tupperware pots were taking over.

My 'command centre' is still a work in progress and will eventually include our cleaning schedule & tasks. But for now it's amazing the difference a meal planner, calendar and 'at a glance' weekly guide has made.


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