Friday, January 03, 2014

My proudest organising moment so far

Well, look at me - blogging 3 days on the trot! Feeling quite pleased with myself, although yesterday's effort was a bit poor. 

At the moment I have many organising projects on at the same time:

- organising the kitchen
- re-organising in the Cakery
- setting up my organising planners, Filofax and devices
- de-christmassing the house

Plus trying to stay in top of general cleaning, going to work, dealing with a drop in child care assistance, and getting myself sorted. 

And then yesterday our boiler packs up. Wonderful. 

What this meant is that I had to empty the cupboard the boiler hides in, which is in the kitchen, and so dictated where I started in my kitchen. This cupboard held cat food & pet supplies, our spice rack, a pile of cat blankets, shoe cleaning supplies and light bulbs. A strange collection! I kind of wish I had taken a before photo... Anyway. I sorted all the shoe supplies and put them in a plastic basket to go back into the cupboard. The cat food & supplies have gone into asmallercupboard all of their own. Light bulbs will be finding a home elsewhere in the house. Cat blankets too. And the spices I sorted through, binned any past their best before date, combined any we had multiples of, and put them in an old biscuit tin, labelling the tops. 

My proudest organising moment this far! 

The spices will live in the pantry. 

The cupboard that now houses cat food used to contain oil & vinegar. Again I binned anything past it's best, put the oils we use regularly into their new home & the rest in the pantry. 

Today we had our new boiler installed, this meant I couldn't really do any sorting so I started to get the Christmas decs down instead. It's wonderful how clean and decluttered our living room looks now.

I also started going through my Filofax... But more about that again. 

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