Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nearly there....

I am delighted to announce that my kitchen cupboards have all been de-cluttered and re-organised. I am not totally happy with some aspects, but until I can think of a better solution I am going to stick with it.

My main sticking point is the cutlery drawer and utensils storage. I am waiting for a magnetic knife rack to go up on the wall, which will clear some space and I can then work with what I have left to organise.

There are a couple of spots that need a bit of finishing off - on top of the fridge needs clearing, I want a shelf put up above the tumble dryer, my metal shelves need to be better organised, and I want to give the kitchen a good clean before I am finished in there for January....but I am pleased with my progress and it is definitely so much better than it was!

I haven't yet sorted out a cleaning schedule, but will soon. I am giving myself this weekend to get the kitchen project complete.

I already have my project lined up for February....but more on that soon.

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