Sunday, January 05, 2014

My morning routine

Aside from all of the wonderful organising I have been up to lately, I am looking forward to getting some semblence of a routine going.

I have had a sort of morning routine going for quite a while, and I tend to dip in and out of it as it suits. What I need to do is make sure I do more of it more frequently.

Here is what's on my moning routine checklist:
  • Get up by 6:30am
  • Coffee and check to do list
  • Drink water
  • Breakfast
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Face, teeth, moisturise
  • Dressed, hair, make-up, accessorise
  • Make bed
  • Evie dressed
I don't do all of it every morning. I definitely didn't get up an 6:30am this morning! Sometimes I miss the laundry, or the dishes don't need doing. Mostly its there as a reminder, something to aim for.

My morning routine is currently set up in my Wunderlist app. Morning routine is the task, with the items in in as subtasks.

The main problem I have with this is that once I 'complete' the morning routine, at least as far as I am going to that day, it will automatically tick off all the sub tasks. So I can't look back and see how much of what I missed, if that makes sense! I don't know how often I will want to do it, but in the early stages it's quite nice to know.

If I miss a day, or forget to mark it off, I then need to go through and mark the previous day as complete. So again I don't have a reminder that I missed it. So while it is handy and pings me a reminder, it isn't as helpful to me at the moment as I'd like it to be.

I have a filofax I am working on at the moment, and I will be adding a day per page planner to it, with my morning routine on, so that I can keep track of what I do and don't do, along with notes. Just as a bit of backup for now while I try to make these routines habit.

Hopefully I will get it done today ready for Monday's new start!

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