Sunday, January 26, 2014

How my life will be...

I read a blog post a little while back where the blogger had said that she had done it. She had successfully organised her life, that everything was in the right place, she had menu plans in place, spent quality time with her family & friends, mornings went smoothly.... And then ended with 'And then I woke up...'


I will look for the post to add it here, but I wanted to write one of my own. A post to remind me why I am on my pursuit.


EDIT: here is the post!


Here goes....


I wake up in the morning, before everyone else and head downstairs for a coffee & to check my Filofax. While the kettle is boiling I fold the dried clothes, move washed clothes to dryer and put a load of washing on. I empty the dishwasher, then sit down with my coffee to check my emails & plan the day. The kitchen is tidy, as we out everything away last night.


My breakfast is planned, all of our lunches are pretty much ready to go - usually a 'bento' lunch that Evie (and I) enjoy. I eat breakfast - with a glass of water - then head upstairs to get ready. I wash my face, cleanse, tone, moisturise, brush my teeth. Get dressed, I have a few outfits planned so I have a choice, including accessories. Likewise Evie's clothes are ready to grab. My wardrobe is tidy, so I can see what I have, and can easily put away the clothes I pulled out of the dryer this morning. I make the beds, open the curtains, do my hair and put on make up. I update my Filofax as I go.

I spend some time with Evie, having breakfast and chasing her round the house to get her dressed!

I go to work, where I am inspired and excited to try new recipes and cake designs. We have some events coming up, so lots to work on, but feeling organised and in control.

I get home from work at the same time as hubby & Evie. Matthew is in charge of dinner, so me and Evie have a bit of playtime - I leave my phone, iPad & computer alone until she goes to bed! We have dinner together at the table, not every night, but when we can. Then we watch a bit of TV together, get Evie in her PJs, read a story and she goes to bed. The kitchen is cleaned ready for the morning, and I do any cleaning that needs doing and prep for the next day.

This is when I can get on with a bit of work, possibly have a glass of wine, or spend time with hubby. Finally, I make sure to have half hour of downtime, reading or knitting or TV before bed. I make sure to leave my Filofax ready for a quick glance the following day. I go upstairs brush my teeth, remove make up, cleanse, tone, moisturise & go to sleep.

I have a flexible weekly cleaning schedule, and a monthly one, that I can pick up and dive into when I have cleaning time. I put everything away when I am finished with it, which is easy, because everything has it's own home and is accessible. All surfaces are clear, except for additions which are pretty or meaningful. Everyone does their own thing - Math has darts and rugby, I have wine club. We have friends for dinner regularly and date nights every now and then - not scheduled in, but we make an effort to arrange one evey now and then. We plan

When I do 'fall off the wagon' and something slips, I don't panic, or give up, but get straight back onto it. I keep my monthly projects, because it's nice to have something to focus on.

I have a list of activities for me and Evie to do on our time off together. We have a joint craft room and study, that we can all use for work, art or some alone time.


Sounds pretty good. I feel more organised just having written it. Let's check back in 11 months and see how I've got on.


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