Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

So here it is. 2014. The year I will get myself organised. I will be efficient. A good mum, wife & friend. A Domestic Goddess. A successful business woman.

I am still enthused by my project, and I think the key is to not launch myself into it as I would normally, but to take it a little at a time. So I have been planning & scouring Pinterest. Finding handy tips and resources. I did find some challenges, to help with the de-cluttering, setting routines, and blogging, but nothing was quite right - obviously they weren't written for me. They don't take into account my house, my time, how I work. So I'll be winging it. Doing it all by myself -  much as we probably did before the internet and wonderful days of Pinterest. ;-)

On Monday I printed out a little menu planner on scrapbook paper & put it in a frame on the kitchen wall. 

To further help with getting organised I have my iPad mini, which is already proving invaluable - especially for blogging, my Filofax will be used for personal goals and lists, I have an A5 binder which will become my home 'control' file, and a family organiser on the wall in the kitchen so we know where we are all meant to be. Each of these will be covered in more detail in their own posts.

To get started I have a few goals for January. 

1. To blog every day. Even if just a photo or quick tip or something I are found, to get myself regularly visiting this blog & interacting with it.

2. To have my kitchen de-cluttered, with everything in it's own place. Plus a working cleaning schedule.

3. To have February's tasks planned.

4. To take a photo everyday of something that makes me happy as part of the #100HappyDays challenge. 

See you tomorrow!

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