Sunday, January 19, 2014

An organised update

My intention today was to organise one cupboard. It was the one I have been dreading the most. The one full of piles of serving dishes, ramekins and the dreaded Tupperware containers.

Here it is before I started.

What a mess!! So I emptied it all out. The crisp and snack box (top left) found a new home in the pantry. I sorted everything else into piles and threw away any Tupperware that didn't have a lid or we're cracked. Then I put most of it back in.

Having started, I knew there were a few other bits that I wanted to keep in this cupboard - measuring jugs etc, so I decided to carry on and sort a drawer... This went on for a while. In the end I de-cluttered and re-organised 5 drawers & 4 cupboards. 

Here is the cupboard above after:

The under shelf basket and the extra shelf bit make me more happy than they should!

As I was in full flow I didn't take before photos of every space I sorted. But here are the after photos.

This cupboard used to house a load of baking stuff, and was empty before today. Now it contains serving dishes (top), baking bits (middle) and lunchbox making stuff (bottom).

This drawer used to hold everything that didn't really have a home - Measuring jugs, gravy jug, BBQ tools, jelly moulds, electric whisks, ladle, chopping boards... It was a nightmare space. Now it's for saucepans.

Along with this cupboard which used to hold the mandolin, slow cookers (yes, 2 of them) and meat mincer.

The saucepans used to live in this corner cupboard. Now it holds the tools and machines we use less frequently. Everything mentioned above plus our kitchen aid attachments and sieves.

Next were the cutlery and utensils drawers. Before it was hard to see what was going on. Now it isn't much better, and I'm not particularly happy, but until I have a better idea this is how it is. 

This was our junk drawer. I have decided we don't need one in the kitchen. So for now it holds our knives - until our magnetic knife rack gets put up. 

Finally this drawer was tidied up. Again it needs some more organising but it's progress!

That's what I did today!! And I am very happy with it. I only have 2 cupboards left to sort now. It looks like I'm on schedule to have my wonderfully organised kitchen by the end of the month.

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