Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A catch up post

I was doing pretty well - I thought - but I did miss yesterday's post. I have my reasons. But instead of making excuses and feeling guilty, I will post twice today. Lucky, lucky readers. ;-)

The main point of this exercise is for me to get back into blogging, I have no real intention of becoming a daily blogger, not just yet anyway. To get myself writing and interacting a bit more,  which is today's homework - to comment on and interact with other blogs. 

My first link for you is @nat_reynolds' blog, A Thirty Something in Wales. Who is starting a 30 day Instagram photo challenge today. 

There's also the #100HappyDays challenge where you take a photo of something that makes you happy for 100 days. I have managed 7 days so far.... Follow me on Instagram for pictures. 

I am also making an effort to blog more on the raspberry cakery blog.

I enjoy writing and want to do more of it, I do want to make this blog useful rather than (just) my ramblings, and again I am going to put it down to setting a routine. Hopefully once I have childcare arrangements sorted, a little office or writing space set up, a decent bedtime for Evie & a wonderfully organised house that keeps itself clean I will have time to write some decent posts. ;-)

I'll post a kitchen organising catch up post later on this evening. 

EDIT: Due to a poorly little munchkin I won't be posting twice. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

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