Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don't stop me now....

Did I say weekly? I'm sure I meant monthly.... ha!

Once again there have been changes and opportunities that have given me plenty of chances to avoid any kind of routine. Having said that, these changes are likely to force me into a routine - one that will work for me and my family. If I can just get Little Miss to go to bed....

I did try to blog sooner and sat down a few times to do so, even started posts but something else always took priority. And that's ok. Because my daughter, my work, my house, my husband, my me-time (not necessarily in that order) will always take priority over this blog.

Setting priorities is difficult and they change a lot. I think this is what I have struggled with throughout all of my 'pursuit' and routine planning - choosing what the priorities are at a particular moment and working towards those.

When I'm with Evie I should be spending time with Evie. When I'm at work I should be working. When I'm having me-time I need to switch off and relax. And you know what, the cleaning can wait! We don't live in a complete tip and we are clean. It's just a bit cluttered, and there are toys EVERYWHERE, and I don't iron my clothes, I dump stuff on the dining table or the kitchen island. Thinking about it all at once and trying to plan everything at the same time is totally overwhelming and pretty difficult to do anything about. Focusing on clearing the dining table is much more manageable and gives a feeling of success.

So that's what I've started doing this week. Trying to focus on the task at hand, adopting a 'just do it' attitude, and splitting everything down into smaller tasks. Early days I know....but so far so good.