Wednesday, August 07, 2013

{15 days to an organised home} The result

Although I haven't been blogging my progress, I didn't actually do too badly. No, my house is not a haven of routine and uncluttered drawers with a sense of harmony and peace. But it is getting there. I did get more done than I expected, especially with having to pack for holiday too.

I didn't manage to get something done every day, nor every other day due to work commitments and spending time with Evie. Having said that it felt manageable and not as though I was cleaning and sorting in my 'free' time, which is what I'd like to aim for.

I even spent some time working on my filofax - which is now my new favourite thing.

As I am about to leave for holiday (in just under an hour) I am not making any promises to blog, but do a little bit of planning so I can come back, quickly get back on top of the washing and cleaning and spend more time on this blog.