Monday, July 22, 2013

{15 days to an organised home} DAY 1

As promised, here I am with day one update. 

Following on from trying to follow a specific routine I have decided to just jump in with whatever needs doing and whatever little Evie G will allow me to do. 

While I am doing my decluttering I will journal all of my cleaning over the next 15 days (and when I get back from holiday) as a basis for developing my cleaning schedule. At the moment I clean when stuff needs doing - or when someone is coming to visit - but I don't really know how often each task actually needs doing. So by writing down what I do, I should be able to develop a workable schedule. 

Thrilling stuff, I know, but I do need to sort something out! Why am I blogging about it? Because it will hopefully encourage me to continue if I think people are watching, because it may help someone else, because i have read a lot of very helpful articles and want to give a little back. 

So. This is what I have done today. 

- Get back to base level. After a lovely BBQ yesterday the house was left a little 'dishevelled', my first job was to get our living space back to a workable level, or at least to a stage where I could see the workshops and floor. :-) it took 4 dishwasher loads! I also swept and mopped the floor.

- I have started a home control Filofax. Not sure where it will take me yet, but I am a big fan of writing stuff down and struggle a little bit with digital to do lists. There's something about seeing my own handwriting, about it being my own work rather than a typed list.... Its very minimal at the moment, but there'll be plenty to add to it, I'm sure. Here's my first draft for sections:

- I measured the porch so that I could keep an eye out for furniture or storage that will fit. Already I have identified some plastic drawers that will do the job, they just need a wipe down and some pretty labels.

- I tidied Evie's bedroom. My plan was to start at the entrance and work my way through, but E had other plans and wanted to play upstairs so I took advantage. I sorted through all of her clothes, packing away everything that was too small, and generally had a bit of a tidy up. She hasn't been sleeping in her bed following a little incident with the upstairs baby gate, so her room had become a bit of a dumping ground. Here's a before and after montage.

- Hubby ordered a new washing machine. Ours disintegrated last weekend, so I haven't been able to do any washing. Luckily a new one is coming tomorrow for me to get back on track. 

For day one it's not bad progress. And I have obviously spent even more time scouring the web for useful articles, writing lists, and actually doing some work. Tomorrow will be interesting as I'm in the shop for most of the day and have WI in the evening, so I am planning to get up early to do some sorting. See you tomorrow. 

15 days to an organised home (Ha!)

In just over 2 weeks I am going on holiday. Between now and then I am determined to get my home decluttered, organised and tidy. Plus earn a bit of holiday spending money, pack, and everything else that generally needs doing.

Why? Because I want to come back from holiday refreshed, positive and ready to move on. 

Judging by the number of blog posts I have recently read I am definitely not the only one seemingly in pursuit of a magic method to keep your house clean and tidy without actually having to clean and tidy it. The crux of it is that it just has to be done. Sadly there is no getting away from it, and the sooner I accept this and deal with it, the quicker I will have my perfect, beautiful, clean house. In theory.

So, between now and the day I go on holiday I am on a cleaning mission. I have read a number of blog series and posts - 20 or 31 days to organise your home etc - the problem is they are talking about their homes, not mine. And while it's not a million miles away I know I work differently, have different needs, rooms - so its obviously going to be difficult to fit into someone else's plan. Instead I will take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and just get on with it. I have picked up some great ideas from many of the posts I have read and will try to add my own little snippets of organising wisdom as I go along. 

Once again I plan to blog progress, and will do some before and after photos. Another thing to point out is that I will be doing this with absolutely no budget, so that I have more to spend on the things I enjoy - like holidays. :-) 

I WILL post a day 1 update later on this evening. Stay tuned......