Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Great Spring Clean Challenge

I still feel a bit like I am waiting for spring, but the lighter mornings and sneaky displays of sunshine are clues it's on its way. As always this is the time of year (well, the second time of year after new year) that I decide it's time for a reorganisation, a sort out, a clean up and a de-clutter.

It's getting more difficult to find the time to do this type of stuff now with little E around the place, and I constantly wonder why I didn't get this sorted before I had her, none the less, it is necessary. And getting more so, as once THE SHOP is open I will be working full time and will not want to be spending time cleaning, but instead making memories with hubby & E.

Last weekend I started a little plan. Writing down what I want to achieve (yes, I do love my lists!) and how I was going to do it. My plan covers the house, myself & my digital stuff. Everything needs a de-clutter, a clean out, a soft out and a maintenance plan.

The house I have decided to tackle room by room and with the following steps:
  1. Tidy - just give the room a tidy up as it's all a bit all over the place, not worrying about where stuff goes, but just so the room looks ok. 
  2. De-clutter - when I am not totally distracted by the piles of stuff everywhere I can go through each drawer, cupboard, shelf, cubby and surface and chuck away or give away what we don't need or want.
  3. Organise - once I know what we are left with in each room I can then organise everything and give everything it's own home. 
  4. Clean - once everything is organised I will then give everything a good clean. 
  5. Maintain - hopefully by this point I will be used to putting stuff back when it belongs, and it will be easy as everything has its own home, plus I can work out exactly what needs cleaning and how often and I will finally have the cleaning plan I have been after for so long!
Now, I know this may not be the way everyone works and it does involve many visits to the same room. But I have my reasons. This is manageable for me. Each bit can be done in little time slots rather than trying to do it all at once, and it means I'm not worrying about it being finished or perfect, just done enough for the next job. 

The one I am least looking forward to looking at is my digital stuff. This includes all of my gadgets - phone, laptop, computer, ipad - my emails (I have at least 5 email addresses), all the accounts I have set up, subscriptions, my photos, music, documents. And to be honest I don't really know where to start. I think upgrading my phone OS and backing everything up is probably step one. Then I guess de-clutter, organise, clean and maintain...

If you have any advice or useful posts feel free to comment.

Here's my 'Time for a Spring Clean' board on Pinterest.