Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meal planning, organising and prep

I've had a pretty good weekend on the 'Home Cooking' front. Having, so far, made 4 recipes from Rachel Allen's Home Cooking book, with more planned for today.

It started on Friday when I started work on Blueberry & Buttermilk Sherbet (p221). It's a mix between an ice cream & a sorbet, which when eaten does have a bit of a sherbet fizz. It was pretty straightforward to make, even without an ice cream maker. I did forget about it Friday night so I had to defrost it and go back a step, but it still worked out ok. I will be trying this again in some different flavours. Obviously raspberry springs to mind.....

Yesterday I had a great day! Hubby (after 2 consecutive stag weekends) is back on the WeightWatchers in force, so we are back to meal planning. Usually I just let him get on with it and eat what I'm given, but as the end of my 101 Things challenge is drawing so close, I really wanted to get some recipes in. I have recently read some great blog posts on menu planning and preparation, where you spend time, whenever you can, to prepare the food, whether it's chopping veg, making a part of the meal or the whole meal so it's ready to go.

It has, all of a sudden, dawned on me that when THE SHOP is open I will be working more than full time hours and that my time at home should be quality family time. So I will need to be more organised with these things. Better to start sooner rather then later, right?

So, we did half a meal plan yesterday, and I got to work on prep. We had Mild Lamb Curry (p205) for dinner last night, which made 6 portions, so we have 4 for the freezer. Then I made double quantity of Bolognese Sauce (p136), so we have 8 portions ready to go. Evie and I made Chocolate & Gingernut Biscuit Cake (p288) which we will be trying today. And I made double quantity of tomato sauce for use on pizza and Oven-ready rollies (p260).

Here it is all portioned up & ready to go!
On today's prep list is Oxtail Soup (p57), Strawberry Tart (p210), fruit salad dressing (p14) and some Oven-ready rollies (p260).