Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home Cooking & Meal Planning

The only recipe I managed to make from Home Cooking in the last TWO weeks (!) was the white bean dip. I did make a few adjustments to try out some of the My Secret Kitchen products, which worked really well. For me, there was a touch too much mustard, but otherwise I would make it again.

The white bean dip recipe is on page 250 of Home Cooking by Rachel Allen. Here is my MSK substituted ingredients list:

400g tin of butter beans, drained
1 tsp MSK Wild Garlic Secret Spices
Juice of half a lemon
1 large tsp of Dijon mustard (still too much for me)
1 tbsp MSK oak-smoked rapeseed oil
Freshly ground MSK lemon & chipotle salt

This week is a bit difficult for meal planning as we have lots of family coming visit so we're not sure yet where we are going to be and when. So the plan is to go for meals using a lot of store cupboard ingredients and pick up veg etc when we need it. I also, clearly need to be a bit more organised in my planning, so will be setting my planned recipes against a day to encourage me to get them done!

Here is this week's list:
- Home made yoghurt (p10) Sunday
- Porridge (p11) Wednesday
- Scrambled eggs with mushrooms & chives (p29) Sunday
- Chicken & Sweetcorn soup (p60) Sunday
- Spiced chicken salad (p76) Monday
- Butternut Squash ravioli (p141) Saturday
- Red wine & chorizo risotto (p148) Saturday
- Coffee & Hazelnut cookies (p275) Saturday/Sunday

I'm starting today with a 2 course Italian themed meal for tonight, although we have made the red wine risotto before! I am planning to make some cookies with Evie too, though will substitute the coffee and hazelnut for something a bit more toddler friendly.

We've been so busy lately food has been a bit 'grab & go' - not bought ready meals (which, in light of the recent food scandal, I am very pleased to say) but frozen left overs like leek and potato soup, turkey chilli or cawl. We finally have a weekend that isn't completely booked up, so I am looking forward to spending it with my family in the kitchen.

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