Sunday, January 06, 2013

My new kitchen chart

Tomorrow is my new start. I think starting new things on January 1st is a bit ambitious as I'm usually still trying to get back to 'normal' after the christmas break, let alone getting straight into 'better than normal'. Now I have had a week to reaclimatise myself (sort of) with what I would usually be doing before trying to develop some brand new habits.

Having said that, there are a few tweaks I have been making to my regular routine (ha!) that I am hoping to build on. Having spent the last 10 years trying to better myself, and often taking the 'all-in-one' approach I have decided this clearly doesn't work for me. So this time I am trying something new. This time I am taking baby steps and not getting fed up when it doesn't work.

The things I have been working on this week are:

1. Getting out of bed earlier - this has been a complete failure to be perfectly honest! Evie has been going to bed late and not getting up until 9am, so I have been taking advantage of the lie-in. Tomorrow I have to be in work by 8:45am, so am planning to get up by 6:30 for a cuppa and some extra time.

2. Drinking more water - this has been going a bit better, but it does usually take me until about 11 to actually pour myself a glass, after my second cup of tea. What has helped me here is buying two 500ml bottles and making sure I always have one with me. I still don't drink anywhere near the recommended quantity, but it's a start.

3. My cleaning schedule - as I said, this is all about baby steps, and most of this week has been spent getting the house de-christmassed and catching up on washing and cleaning that was missed. I have also spent some time thinking about what I want out of a cleaning plan (yes, I know) and how I can get it to work around all the other things I want and need to do. I am a huge fan of lists and am a very visual person. If I don't see something I can very easily forget. So I devised my very own Kitchen Chart.

It's based on a number of charts I have seen on the internet, but with sections that I need. I printed it out on an A3 sheet of paper, framed it and hubby hung it on the wall. This meant I could write on the glass with a dry-wipe pen then rub it off the next day. It was working so well...but after a particularly vigourous ticking off sessions it fell off the wall and the glass smashed. So I need to get a new frame.

Even in the short time I was using it I found a few things that needed adjusting, like the space to write down meals, and sometimes hubby and I will have different food. And the week starts on a Sunday. I do also want to add in some weekly tasks. However, when I have sorted it out I will provide it as a printable. It is currently set as a Microsoft Publisher file, but I am happy to send it via email if you are interested. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow. Tomorrow's new 'thing' will be getting up & fitting in some exercise....

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