Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The pursuit of tidiness

I have neglected this blog a bit lately. It's not for want of trying, it's quite simply a lack of time. I feel like I have a hundred balls in the air at the moment and no time to get anything done. I have just started a new cake business - The Raspberry Cakery - with a friend of mine, so between that and everything else, not to mention little Evie Grace (who is 1 now, by the way!!), I have very little time for blogging.

This rare opportunity has struck because I have been awake since 4:30am with Evie (she's got a tummy bug) and I couldn't get back to sleep. Why? Because I was thinking about all the cleaning and sorting that needs doing. We are in the middle of a little house re-organisation (to put it mildly!) starting from the top and working down. We have so much stuff everywhere its time to start getting rid or using what we have. I also need to sort out a cleaning schedule - and a way to stick to it - so that once the house is nice and tidy I can keep it that way. Plus I want to start getting Evie into a routine, so we can get our evenings back.

I have started reading a few blogs on the subject. My favourites so far are A Thrifty Mrs which calls itself a thrifty blog, but has some amazing posts on cleaning and organising, plus DHWP or Daily Housewifery Prompts. The Organised Housewife's blog is full of tips & routines for getting organised, and she has recently set the 20 days to organise & clean your home challenge. I am about a week behind, but I've started with the pre-challenge tasks to set up my folder, a morning and evening routine and goals. I just need to work out how to stick to them.....My task for today is to sort out my cleaning kit & I may have a go at making my own all purpose cleaning spray.