Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Pantry

We have been planning a pantry at our house for quite a while. Both hubby and I love to cook and we own many gadgets, as well as a vast collection of ingredients. We do have a big kitchen with plenty of storage - it just turns out its not quite enough... ;) It's also annoying that stuff ends up in the back of the cupboards so we end up buying more of stuff that we already have because we just can't see it.

Anyway, we decided to turn our under the stairs cupboard into a pantry. It is right next to our kitchen, so its not too far away, and is an ideal size. We (well, by 'we' I mean hubby) emptied it out a while ago and painted it white.

Then a few weeks ago the shelves were put up. And last weekend we got the time to actually move stuff in.

It still needs a bit of sorting out, and I want to put pretty labels on jars and shelf liners. Plus I need to sort out my spice storage. But I think it's looking pretty fab so far.

I saw the idea for this plastic-storage-pouch-sheet-thing on Pinterest somewhere, so I'll dig out the link and post it. [EDIT: Here's the link] It's great though and works really well, though I wouldn't say no to one with slightly bigger pockets as some of the soup packets are a bit of a push.

Its so nice to be able to see what we have, and be able to get at it easily. And I love seeing ingredients in kilner jars rather than scruffy packets. 

My plan is to keep you posted on my pantry storage - partly to share what I find with everyone and partly to try and get myself back into blogging.