Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quilling with the WI

On Tuesday we held our first proper meeting of Gowerton WI where we had a quilling demonstration. I was expecting it to be quite old fashioned, but the work we were shown was amazing. Especially the 3D work. We even got to have a go ourselves - here's my gift tag.

I remember trying quilling when I was younger and making plenty of flowers, but none fringed like the one above. It has really inspired me to get back into crafting and I have found some really gorgoeus quilled pieces on the internet and already have some ideas. So the day after our WI meeting I stopped by Hobbycraft and picked up some supplies. Apart from the book, quilling is a fairly cheap craft to get started with, especially as you can start with cocktail sticks and pins and don't really need the tools (although they do make it a lot easier).

As always I am looking forward to getting started and will definitely be adding a new quilling board to my Pinterest account. Stay tuned for some quilled projects in the future. 

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