Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For lent I am giving up....


I am fed up of seeing stuff everywhere I look. Of my and hubby arguing about stuff being everywhere. Of everything taking so long to find. Of spending my time cleaning and tidying rather than with Evie and hubby or with friends or crafting. So my resolution for lent is to have organised my house by Easter. Or at least have made a good dent in it.

Today I took E swimming and was meant to be shopping then baking this afternoon. We didn't shop because the weather was awful and the thought of taking 2 babies around town in the wind and rain was not appealing. I didn't bake because I didn't have the ingredients I needed and didn't fancy going out again. So I started my decluttering project.

I started with the rooms we use the most. The kitchen and the living room. I took a FlyLady approach and just did as much as I could in the time I had available - however long E was happy to be sat in her chair watching and being sung to! I cleared all of the kitchen units, washed and dried all dishes, cleaned my sink and put a load of washing on.

I then hit the living room, starting by taking down my birthday cards (they've only been up 6 weeks! Oops.) Cleared my little hidy hole next to the sofa where I store magazines, knitting projects and cook books. Put the pile of DVDs that accumulate next to the DVD player back where they belong. And threw away all junk mail.

It didn't take that long and I feel like I've made a start. Now I just need to continue this through the house.....

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