Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Round Up

Where has January gone?

I am pleased to say that I did manage to take a photo every day in January. They are split between my Canon 500d digital SLR and my iPhone, mainly using the Instagram App. It's lovely to look back and see my month in photos. Sometimes there are a reflection of what we did that day, sometimes just a glimpse at something I want to remember. Mainly they are pictures of Evie.

As much as it will be a diary of what we did, I am planning to make a scrapbook too, so I want my Project 366 photos to show off my photography skills as well - which admittedly are somewhat lacking at the moment. I do want to post all the photos here for you to see, but I will try and find a nice way of displaying them rather than just posting them all. For now you can see them all in my Facebook album.

Towards the end I did start to favour my iPhone as I upgraded my version 3G to the 4S, which has a much better camera, and this together with the Instagram app gives photos a really lovely effect. Unfortunately this isn't really the point of this exercise as I wanted to learn to use my camera, so I am planning to use it a bit more in February. I also need to start bringing it with me when I leave the house for a bit of veriety! I did get a bit lazy too in terms of posting the photos and would upload a few at a time rather than posting them daily, something else I plan to try being better at in February.

The main highlights of January were my 30th birthday, beginning to wean Evie onto solid food and getting back into my cake making.

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