Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here's to 2012!

Happy New Year!

I am actually really looking forward to this year. I have a BIG birthday coming up in less than two weeks. I get to do a lost more firsts with my daughter - her first holiday, easter, a wedding, her birthday. I have plans for growing my cakey business. I have plans for my crafting. I have an exciting project with my best friend due to launch very soon.

All-in-all, its exciting and I am feeling pretty positive. However, with all this planned I will need to be a lot more pro active than I have been, more organised and motivated.

As you know I love my challenges and like to set myelf goals, even if I don't always meet them. They are there to motivate and encourage me, and I think a big part of it is not being distracted if I miss a day and just getting straight back into it instead of giving up completely.

Here are my new year's resolutions.

1. To continue on my eternal quest to have a clean & tidy home. This includes sorting out the attic, understairs cupboard, kitchen cupboards, my wardrobe and craft stash.

2. Photos. This is a huge one for me. I used to take loads of photos and would get them developed & put them in albums, but with my first digital camera, this all came to a bit of standstill. I managed to get some lovely photos over Christmas - including the first photo of me, hubby & little one together - and it's spurred me on. So, this resolution is split into several:
   a - To learn how to use my Digital SLR camera properly.
   b - To take a photo everyday.
   c - To organise my photos digitally & in albums.

3. To post to one of my blogs every day.

Here's to a great 2012. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as me.

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