Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evie's Weaning Diary Day 2

Following on from yesterday's taste of baby rice I decided to try some proper food today. I spent last night reading Annabel Karmel's Weaning book whch recommends carrot and sweet potato as first veg purees  and apple for fruit. So today I went on a puree making mission and within an hour and a half  (because that's how long the sweet potato took to cook) I had around 16 meals for Evie. Each 'meal' is around 2 tablespoons or 30ml.

2 apples made 5 meals, 2 carrots made 5 and 1 large sweet potato made about 6 portions. I ran out of pots, so not entirely sure of quantities yet.

I followed the directions in the book for cooking the fruit and veg, then pureed with a hand blender in a mug (which worked out to be just the right size for the job at hand) and added a bit of formula milk to get the purees to the right consistency - smooth and a similar thickness to yoghurt is what I was aiming for, which is how the baby rice came out yesterday. I'm not sure exactly how much formula I used in the apples or carrots, I know the sweet potato took a good ounce of formula.

Then, following Annabel's advice, I fed Evie her lunchtime feed at around 1pm and let her have her nap, then when she woke up she sat is her high chair and we tried a bit of a carrot. She still pulled the same kind of faces as yesterday, but she was a lot more interested in what was going on today, and definitely preferred it when she had control of the spoon.

While she didn't eat much, barely half a teaspoon in fact, I feel it went well today. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. I may try carrot again.

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