Wednesday, January 04, 2012

101 Things #4: Start a beauty blog

I did start this item on my list and created a blog though it was more general wellbeing rather than just beauty. However, I didn't stick to it. There are several reasons for this.

1. It is not my area of expertise. I know how I get by, but I don't wear make up every day nor do I experiment much, I buy beauty products based on its packaging rather than what it'll do for me, and I am rubbish at maintaining any kind of beauty regime for any serious length of time. 

2. There are so many (much better) beauty and lifestyle blogs out there mine was just lost amongst the noise and didn't really offer anything different.

3. I wasn't getting much out of it.

So I decided not to persue this any more. Instead I will focus my blogging efforts on this one, my craft one and my cake one. Each of these blogs I get something out of, and while they are not niche by any stretch, I know enough about each topic to hold my own in the 'blogsphere'. I also have another idea for a blog I may start soon, I'm just trying to gather my thoughts on how it will work, and spending time focusing on my other ventures.

So, item number 4 on my 101 Things list will be revised to: Post to a blog every day, starting January 1st 2012. You can follow my progress on tumblr if you are so inclined.

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