Thursday, January 19, 2012

101 Things #22: Have a 30th Birthday Party

Last week, on January 12th, I turned 30 years old. I really can't believe I am 30, I still feel about 17 - and judging by the fact that I still get asked for ID every now and then, I think I still look it! ;)

I was actually looking forward to this birthday. I remember that I really did not enjoy turning 22. I think because I was in my final year of uni at the time and it felt as though I was actually going to have to be a grown up. Since then I have left uni, got a job, got a house, got married, had a baby - so there's no hiding from the 'being a grown up' thing anymore - except that I have come to realise that being 'grown up' isn't actually that different. And can sometimes be pretty great! You don't HAVE to tidy your bedroom or finish your meal before having pudding. There are so many things to experience, and I still have so much ahead of me. Anyway, I digress....

So, yeah, I turned 30 and on Saturday I had a birthday party. It was a really nice night with lots of family and friends. We had a local guy come and play the guitar, we had glow sticks, and a huge birthday cake.

It had 5 tiers - 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla, plus a tier of gluten free mini cupcakes.  The whole thing was covered in buttercream and decorated with sweets and glitter, then topped with ice fountains for a beautiful display.

We danced into the early hours and discovered that Evie is quite the party animal. She loved the flashing lights and the music and was quite happy to doze off every now and then, oblivious to what was going on around her. I couldn't imagine her not being there - even though it did mean a very sober night for me. :)

I also had some very lovely presents including:

A new addition to my Build-a-Bear family

A charm from Tiffany's, a dress from All Saints, a beautiful hamper from my auntie, with a Decopatched bottle of wine, a wobbly glass and handmade chocolate lollipops, some baking books, magazine subscription, some beautiful jewellery.....


This means I can now print photos, text, images, whatever I want on rice paper and icing sheets to use on my cakes. It's so very exciting and I have so many ideas, plus it's number 51 on my 101 Things list! Can't wait to show off my creations. :D

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