Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP: Red Riding Hood Update

I've had a busy couple of weeks with family visiting and planning a Christmas Market, which has meant that I haven't had much time for knitting, crafting or blogging. Which sadly means I have failed 2 of my November Challenges.

Having said that I have made some progress on Evie's Red Riding Hood Duffle Coat. Here is the back, and the left and right front pieces with hood in progress. (Apologies for the crappy picture.) Looking forward to having this finished in time for Christmas.

In other news, I have helped an old friend from school start a 'stitch n bitch' group at a local pub. No further progress has been made on my socks. And I have started my Christmas shopping. I can't believe it's December tomorrow, but I do have a potential challenge in mind..... tune in tomorrow.

In the meantime check out Tami's Amis Blog for other WIP Wednesday Posts.

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Mami Dearest said...

I have a thing for Red Riding Hood hoodies/sweaters...not sure why :) Can't wait to see yours.