Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starting my adventure in scrapbooking

I finally got some time today to start my scrapbook for Evie. I'll try to blog my progress - partly as a record for myself, partly for anyone else interested in scrapbooking - a bit of a getting started guide I suppose. I'll share links and resources, my mistakes and triumphs as I create my photo album.

As much as I am keen to get started, I am a bit of a perfectionist and it will get on my nerves if it's not done properly. As I have a few weeks to catch up on I am taking the time to plan my pages.

My first job was to paint the wooden letters I want to put on the cover of my book.

Painted letters

I want this to be more than just a photo album. Including notes, artefacts (for want of a better word) and any other little mementos such as, song lyrics, swatches from clothes, labels, cards, even tweets & facebook comments.

My second job was to decide on mini stories or pages to start my book. The first page will be mainly text with Evie's name, date and time of birth and weight, though I haven't decided how I want to lay this out yet. Then I want a mini family tree showing Evie's grandparents and immediate family. Then I'll do a timeline of my pregnancy, showing my bump growing and including scan photos, over maybe 4 or 6 pages.

I've then stuck in photos using blu tak so I can see roughly how much space I'll need. One thing this has shown me is that I do need to have everything that I want to inlude in one section or page ready to hand. So for the pregnancy section, for example, I need to have the photos, scans, comments, ready to stick in. I know this probably seems obvious, but I was hoping I could stick a few bits down and work the rest around it.

I haven't really chosen an overall colour scheme or theme for this book because it will be spanning quite a long time and I don't want to feel restricted. I'm assuming my own 'style' will shine through, but I am also looking forward to seeing how my skills develop as the book grows too.

I'll try to post un update every Sunday to show you how I am getting on. 

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