Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scrapbook for Evie

I love photos. I would happily look through anyones photos, whether I know the people in them or not but it really isn't the same looking at pictures on the computer. You really can't beat opening a photo album or leafing through a pile of photos, and as technology advances so quickly I wonder what Evie will think of my photographs. How will she capture her memories in 15 years time? Will she look back at our digital photos and think 'ah, how did they manage?' in the same way as I look back and wonder how we coped with having 35 shots on a film and not being able to see the photo until it was developed.

In the 'old days' when we did still print photos I would put them into albums with notes and any little trinkets that added something. The date from a calendar, a ticket stub, whatever. And I still enjoy looking through them now. My early dabbling in scrapbooking, I guess.

For some reason this stopped around the time me and my husband got together nearly 8 years ago. Now all my photos are saved in folders on my computer and a few years back I started printing them out and putting them in albums, but didn't really get very far.

I used to love photography and would always have my camera with me, and this is another thing that has changed. With mobile phones able to take pretty good quality photos we tend to settle for those rather than making the effort to get the camera out. When I found out I was pregnant we bought a digital SLR camera and I want to start taking more, good quality, photos of Evie. I also want to print them out and preserve them for her.

So I am going to start a scrapbook for her. I have bought an A3 book from Paperchase, got some photos printed, bought a few scrapbooking supplies, and scoured the house for potential scrapbooking tools.

Scrapbooking Supplies
I can't wait to get started - I have 8 weeks to catch up on!

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BrewDrinkThink said...

I love that you're doing this! I ordered a printed one for 0 - 2 years and I'm going to be updating it with 2 - 3 years in the near future. Mine was more of a photobook/scrapbook. This will be amazing if you do it yourself xx