Monday, October 03, 2011

The 'right' parenting decisions

I've only been a Mum for 5 weeks, but have really had my eyes opened to the ways of parenting. There are so much choices, and everyone has their own opinion on what is 'right' and how it 'should' be done. Three examples that seem to have very split opinions are:
  1. Breast V Bottle Feeding
  2. Co-Sleeping
  3. Babywearing
Apparently you should breast feed as long as you can to enhance the bond and closeness between mum and child, but then you shouldn't co-sleep or babywear too much as they'll get used to being held or close to you.

I know I am new to this but if my baby is happy then so am I! If this means she wants to sleep in bed with me (and will sleep well rather than being restless in her moses basket) then that's fine with me.

I have tried breastfeeding and we couldn't get on with it, so I am expressing and bottle feeding and looking for ways to get our closeness somewhere else. For me, babywearing is great. Our pram is lovely, but it is bulky and a bit of a faff to if I want to pop to the shop or go to Tesco, or just get stuff done in the house.

Babywearing with my new Moby wrap
I am still learning about the pros and cons of my decisions and the options available, but so far it's working for me.


Livi said...

Best way to parent if you ask me! Don't get involved in the what's better than what rubbish, if you and your baby are happy then you're doing it just perfect!

Jess said...

There's so much conflicting information out there! As a non-parent it's a bit baffling. Did you find that as soon as you became a mum you could just /feel/ what was right?

Rhian said...

@Jess - yes, a lot of it is common sense I think, and you have to do what works for you & your baby. I think once you get past the basics & understand why these things are said you can just feel your way least that's what I'm doing. :)