Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP: Crochet Blanket

As the end of the month is approaching it dawns on me that I am highliy unlikely to finish the crochet blanket as part of my September Challenge. Partly because I have changed my mind in how I want to finish it & how big I want it.

I want it to be big enough for me and Evie to cwtch together underneath rather than it being a pram blanket and I have decided to crochet it all instead of adding a knitted border. I want to add a bit of colour & am in need of some instant gratification pieces - as I have decided that the Beekeeper's Quilt isn't really for me, not right now - so will be adding a granny square border. Small projects I can do in between feeds & while I am expressing.

Crochet Blanket progress so far

The colour scheme will be based on the Hodge Podge range by Mamas & Papas that adorns Evie's nursery. A lovely collection of colours including red, purple, orange & green - nice & bright & autumnal.

Blanket from the Hodge Podge range - beautiful colours
So new plan is to have it finished by Christmas.

You can check out more WIPs on Tami Ani's blog.


pinkundine said...

I know what you mean about needing instant gratification pieces (the beekeeper lovers will tell you that each puff is an instant gratification, which I'm sure is true, but how long the entire thing takes might be a bit different!)

nothingbutknit2 said...

Your crochet is lovely. Granny Squares are a favorite of mine.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The granny squares look to be a nice colourful touch!

Gertie said...

Your grannys are looking lovely :-)

Amy said...

I like your grannies. They are lovely.

Underground Crafter said...

Your blanket looks great so far! Christmas is a good deadline :).