Saturday, September 10, 2011

September's Challenge - Finish UFOs

Every month I plan to set myself a challenge, so that I have something to aim for. The first challenge is to complete some of the UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) I have started.

I am great at starting projects, not so good at finishig them off, which is probably why I get so disillusioned and tend to have a bit of an on/off relationship with the crafting world. My finishing techniques also really need some practice.

I have a few projects I started while pregnant that I am determined to finish before Fidget gets too big for them.

Sleeping Bag

This is a little sleeping bag for Fidget, knit in the round then lined with fleece. I've cut out a lining from a very soft, dimpled fleece blanket and need to sew this in to finish it.

I have done all the knitting for this cardigan, again I just need to join the seams to finish it. I've been putting it off because my finishing technique isn't great and I'm afraid of spoiling it. 

This cute little bootie needs it's partner.

Crochet Blanket

I started this blanket when we were re-admitted to hospital for Fidget's jaundice and I needed to do something productive rather than sit there worrying. So I haven't been working on it for that long, but I would like to finish it before the end of the month.Planning to finish it off with a coloured border....maybe knitted for a bit of contrast.

If you'd like to join in, you are more than welcome, just comment below telling me how you'll be taking part and with a link to your blog/website.

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