Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evie Grace

It's been a strange, wonderful, busy, emotional, amazing few weeks since my last post.

All thanks to the early arrival of our little Fidget. :)

Our beautful daughter, Evie Grace, arrived on Sunday, 28th August 2011 at 12:28pm weighing 6lb 7oz.

She was 3 weeks early and apparently in quite a hurry. I won't give you all the gory details, but it all happened quite quickly.

Hubby & I were due to be hosting a cheese & wine event at the rugby club on Sunday. My waters broke at 7:30am, but following all the advice we had been given about not rushing in, and because I wasn't in any pain and expected to be hours, if not days before we had any sign of baby, we decided to carry on. I phoned the midwife who said she'd call in later on in the morning, and hubby popped out to pick up some last minute supplies for the event.

I started having pains at around 10am, and by 10:30 they were lasting 45 seconds and were about 5 minutes apart! When hubby returned we called the midwife again and she said to call the labour ward, who said they'd get someone to call us back. Then I had the urge to push. We were then told to go to the hospital, and we arrived at 11:30am, when I was told I was fully dilated and that baby would be here within the hour. Which she was. :)

It was all very quick, and very unexpected. I managed with just gas & air - didn't really have time for anything else, and despite a little issue with the placenta, it all went very smoothly. I had to stay in hospital until Tuesday because Evie wasn't feeding as she should, and when we did get discharged, we were then readmitted on the Thursday as she had lost over 10% of her birth weight and had jaundice.

We then had 3 days of phototherapy to treat the jaundice and Evie was being fed with a tube to make sure she was taking all she needed. We finally got home on the following Sunday and she's now doing wonderfully.

Throughout all of this I have been expressing my breastmilk to give to her so she has the best....but I think that's a whole other blog post.


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Congratulations! Hope you're getting some sleep :-)

Your comments about feeding brought back memories… my son wouldn't breastfeed at first so we had to express and cup feed, and he got a little jaundiced but it cleared up before we had to go back into hospital. It all sorted itself out soon enough though!

Rhian said...

Thanks Rhian. Sleeping isn't too far. :)

We started with the cup feeding too, took ages & went everywhere. She's fine now though, eating plenty & the jaundice has gone.