Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting into a routine & the Toothbrush Theory

I have been trying to get into some sort of routine since I moved in with hubby over 5 years ago. In my head the perfect routine sees me getting up at the same time every day, being organised, having a clean & tidy house, not rushing or losing things, meeting deadlines, not missing birthdays...in short, being a perfect wife, friend, woman and (soon to be) mum.

I have failed totally so far.

I am pretty organised in work an dam good at meeting deadlines. I do keep my house generally clean and tidy, but it's never effortless. I don't often miss birthdays, but tend to rush out last minute to grab a card. With the baby on the way (very very soon) there is a lot of talk of routine. Feeding, sleeping, washing, cleaning. And I am beginning to panic about how I am going to manage.

I am not the tidiest of people. I'm not in the habit of putting stuff away when I'm done with it - unless I know exactly where it needs to go and that it's not too far away! And this has been a bit of a break through for me.

With the imminent arrival we have been racing to make changes to the house so that its ready. This has included re-decorating the bathroom, the hall & stairs, the nursery and a new living room carpet. So It is diificult to keep on top of cleaning and tidying when you're constantly moving stuff around and making a mess. But when we finished the bathroom it looked so lovely that I made a pact to keep it clean and tidy. I make sure I wipe down the bath and shower when I've used it and give the whole place a scrub on a Sunday. This is just a little routine, but it's a start. So far I have stuck to it.

The other thing I did was to make sure that everything in the bathroom has a place, including the cleaning stuff I use, and that it is easy to get out and put back when I'm finished. A little thing I know, but I am amazed at the difference this has made for me. No longer do I put off cleaning because it's too much effort to go downstairs to get what I need. (I know it's a crap excuse, but it was generally enough for me to leave it a day or two!)

Just after I had started my new routine I came across this book in the library:

In short, the theory behind this book is that you never misplace or lose your toothbrush because you always use it in the same place, you know where it needs to go back to, and  it is easy to do. So why not do this to the rest of your house?

Simple, but genius! And was just the principle I was working on. I am still reading this book and working my way round the house sorting out and finding places for everything to live, but I feel like I am making progress. Finally! I feel like I could be as organised at home as I am at work. I could be one of those people who knows exactly where everything is, looks effortless all the time and doesn't spend all weekend catching up on cleaning the house.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My garden in July

I've been meaning to post this for a while to show off the lovely veg (& animals) that we have growing in our garden, especially as we have been enjoying the fruits of hubby's labour for a good few weeks now. I'm going to let the photos do the talking (with the help of some captions).

New Potatoes
We had these back in June within about 3 hours of them being pulled.

Veg Basket
Contains globe courgettes, baby yellow courgettes, rhubarb & green chillies - all grown by hubby.

One of the new chickens

Dally admiring herself in the mirror

Dally the Duck - I love this photo. :)

Green Tomatoes
Hoping for some sun to turn them soon.

Sweet Peas

Loads of Runner Beans

Beautiful Courgette Flower
Really wanty to try cooking with them, but they never seem to be ready at the right time

Getting ready for Christmas

Silent Sunday #3

Silent Sunday

Sunday, August 07, 2011

34 Weeks

I know I say this a lot - but I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. In about 6 weeks I will be meeting Fidget. It does feel like I have been pregnant for a long time, but it has flown. I am so excited and really can't wait to meet the little one - but we still have so much to do in the house before we would ideally bring him or her home!

The nursery is nearly done. It's painted, carpeted and has a cot. I am hoping to move in a few bits of furniture today, and then do a bit of decorating - adding shelves and finishing touches.

The bathroom is done except for one piece of skirting that needs a quick coat of glosss.

Our stairs have been re-carpeted.

The landing carpet has been ripped up, and the skirting needs glossing before the new carpet goes down. And we have ordered a new living room carpet too. With a bit more glossing to do.

As we have been moving rooms around most of upstairs needs a good sort out & a lot of stuff needs to be thrown or put away. But as I am planning to work up until the end I'm really not sure how much I'll get done. I am trying hard not to let it get to me (and to be fair, should probably be getting on with it, rather than blogging about it) but I am finding it more difficult than I expected to just get on with things.

Generally I feel really well. I can't really remember the last time I had a full night's sleep, and to get more than 5 hours a night is an achievement, which does build up and I get a bit emotional every now and then. But with the extra weight, swollen feet and aching back I just can't do as much as I could pre-pregnancy. Cleaning the bathroom leaves me out of breath and exhausted. I spent 2 hours in the kitchen making dinner yesterday and had to sit down for half hour when I'd finished. So I have to take it a bit easier.

I have now started packing my hospital bag, but I'm still not really sure what I need to take with me. There are so many lists online, some include just the bare essentials, others seem list everything including the kitchen sink!

It's all getting close now. I have at least one appointment or ante-natal class every week between now & EDD, including a scan, midwife appointment and consultant, so the weeks are going to just fly by.