Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boy or Girl? The guessing continues....

We visited hubby's Aunt Julie last week and the first thing she said was 'Give me your hand....' she then got a needle thread and held it over my palm. We had to watch to see if the needle went round in circles or back and fore..... the result? The needle went round in circles, which apparently means I'll be having a little girl.
I had a scan this week too, and while I was there the sonographer wanted to practice her 4D scanning skills as they had a great profile shot of baby. Obviously I said Yes! It was amazing to see little Fidget's face, and now I keep being told it must be a girl because it looks like me. :) 
We have decided that s/he seems to have a Davies nose....which may not be a great thing. ;) 
The Results so Far
Girl: 5  -  Boy: 3
 If you know of any other predictors I can try, let me know!

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