Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When God was a Rabbit (Book Review)

With my new found reading list I'm planning to review the books I read. Partly for me, for friends and to practice my writing.

So, here's my review of 'When God Was a Rabbit' by Sarah Winman.

Started: 25th June 2011, Finished: 29th June 2011
Rated: 3/5

Read while in Padstow for our 3 year wedding anniversary get away.

'When God was a Rabbit' is the debut novel by Sarah Winman about a girl, Elly, and her brother, Joe, and their journey growing up together. The synopsis says that 'it's a book about love in all it's forms.'

I did struggle to get into this book as I found the writing quite stilted & different to what I usually read. The author kept dropping hints as to what was to come & left a lot to be assumed, which left me wondering if I'd got the right end of the stick. I did persevere with it & I did enjoy, but it's not one I would read again.

I don't feel I connected with the main characters and couldn't seem to keep up with how old Elly, the narrator, was meant to be. However I would love to have read more about the secondary characters - Nancy, Arthur, Charlie & Ginger, and even get a bit more of the back story from the parents.

There were some strange parts in the book that I didn't quite 'get'. The story about the 50 pence, the Womble, Elly's strange meet up with a nameless guy... I'm trying to be vague in case in you haven't read it yet.

This sounds like a negative review, I know, but I enjoyed the story & the tie-ins with real life events, such as 9/11. (Although, again, we don't really know what happened to Joe during that time.)

It was quite different to what I usually read & I can appreciate why it was chosen for the reading list. I'm glad I read it.


This post is not sponsored. I am reviewing this book because I want to, however I do use an Amazon Associates link to display the book cover, so if you do fancy reading this book, a click on the link above would be appreciated. :)

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