Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Too much to do

I am great at making plans & lists and getting organised. I am not so great at staying on top of things. Don't get me wrong, everything that needs to gets done, but usually last minute. I am also great at procrastinating. And making statements like 'I will blog once a week'.

But then I get annoyed that I haven't done it or haven't started or got distracted and instead of just getting on with it I put it off again or write another list or make a different statement. This then results in a longer list and no idea where to start.

We have lots to sort out before baby joins us. At home the bathroom needs decorating, nursery needs doing, office needs sorting. At work I'm trying to get processes in place for when I'm off. I want to sort out what I'm going to do with my cake business. I also want to spend some time for me being crafty (which ties in with the house decorating and sorting), writing for BDT, trying new cake stuff, blogging, seeing friends, and helping out at the rugby club.

On top of this we are trying to do it all on a budget (though I am quite enjoying being thrifty), while keeping on top of general housework and work, trying to work out exactly what we need for baby and I have discovered I just can't do as much as I'd like as I get tired, can't stand all day, can't sit all day, and bump gets in the way.

I am being careful not to add any promises to this post, but I am hoping it will kick start me into getting going and maybe not make me feel like I'm behind all the time. We have made good progress in the house sorting, it just looks like there's a lot more to do and all in less than 15 weeks!

I think I just needed a place to get some stuff off my chest....

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