Friday, June 17, 2011

Props make better photos

Or at least that's what I'm coming to learn!

With my writing for Brew Drinking Thinkings I have been trying to take some magazine worthy photos of my food to accompany the recipes. Especially when our new vegan writer Aine came along with her beautiful photos that really do put mine to shame. Some of my favourite examples of Aine's photos on BDT are here, here and here. Or check out her blog for some more lovely photos (and recipes!).

So I started looking around the internet for some ideas and tips (other than spending some more time with my camera) on how to improve my photos. I found some beautiful food blogs as well as some handy blog posts. This post on Food Photography & Styling by @recipegirl left me the most to think about and action. And sent me on my shopping spree.

Here are a few of the items I have bought recently to accompany my recipes in their photos.

This is my new model, a bit naked at the moment, but soon to be adorned with tea cosies. 

From top to bottom are: Duck egg blue then yellow placement, and a lavendar patterned tray.

Here are some plastic plates I bought.

Some 'vintage' table cloths I found on eBay

And I have 2 of these very cute tea cups and saucers, which could very well be the start of a new addiction...

Hopefully you'll see these items popping up on BDT in some beautiful photos. Oh, and if you do have any food styling tips or have written about food photography feel free to leave a comment below.

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