Saturday, May 07, 2011

B is for Bra

Taking a step back in Finishing School to fill in one of the gaps....B is for Bra. Being 21 weeks pregnant I have noticed quite a few changes in my body recently. My clothes, including my bras, not fitting being one. So I went to get measured for maternity bras.

I went to Marks & Spencers and the lady I dealt with was lovely. She explained that I didn't need maternity bras yet as I was likely to increase again (!!) but pointed out some bras that will fit now and will cope with a little more growth so I won't need to buy more than I need to.

From my small (but perfectly formed) 32A bras, I have gone up to a 34B. This was quite a shock to me, and explains why my bras were so uncomfortbale. But I feel so much better now & I was amazed at the difference it has made. I will definitely be going back when I need to get some maternity bras and will make a point of getting measured regularly.

Again, Lottie, thanks. :)


Lottie said...

Doesn't it make such a huge difference? When you need maternity bras (and feeding bras - if you breast feed) I HIGHLY recommend the NCT. You don't need to be a member to use their bra fitting service and quite often you can have someone come to your house which at that stage of pregnancy is a Godsend. xxx

Rhian said...

Thanks Lottie. Will look into it. x