Wednesday, April 13, 2011

M is for .... Moisturise

Yes, that's right. Three posts in 2 days! :) As L is for... had no particular week long challenge I figured I had time (& inclination) to move on to the next one without feeling too bogged down.

This weeks challenge is to Moisturise. I go through phases when I moisturise all the time, and I do notice how much better my skin is....or rather I notice how bad it feels when I haven't been taking care of it. This post does come at quite a good time as I am very close to finishing my moisturiser and need to buy a new one, and new products always make we want to use them more. I'm also a bit guilty of buying cheaper products, rather than spending on quality. So this is a good opportunity to go and buy a decent moisturiser. Any recommendations would be great!

I do tend to moisturise my face once a day, usually before bed. I have been using different day and night moisturiers from Avon. The night one being more of a gel which I do really like and is probably why I moisturise at night more than in the morning.

I moisturise my body after a bath or shower. I was bought a coconut cream for my birthday that smells lovely and is really soft. My hands have gone incredibly dry lately, so I have been mositurising them once or twice a day lately, using whatever handcream I can find as I have different ones in my bag, around the house and at work.

For those following my Finishing School progress, you may remember that on the E is for Eyes challenge I said I would make an effort to put on eye cream. Well, this didn't last as long as I'd have hoped, mainly because I didn't like the eye cream I was using. So I am also going to buy myself a new eye cream and use it every day.

I do wonder though, do I need to buy an eye cream & moisturiser that complement each other? Or does it not matter? Is it better to get different moisturisers for day and night? Feel free to dish out advice!


Lottie said...

Catching up on my blog reading and commenting! Sorry it's taken me so long. Been a bit bogged down lately.

I've never used complimentary products, I don't know why it just happens that way but I've heard from those in the know that it is best to if you can as they are made with complimentary ingredients to work in conjunction with one another. L -x-

Rhian said...

I did buy a matching day & night cream in the end, but an eye cream from a different brand. Maybe I'll post an update. :)