Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L is for .... Ladylike

Slowly catching up with Lottie's Finishing School! This challenge is all about being Ladylike, and luckily it's an 'easy' one. Here's what Lottie said:

All you need to do is think and give a little thought to being ladylike.
  • Think about your own behaviour. Are you ladylike all the time? Do you have a lady like image? If you don’t, what can you change to improve that?
  • Think of a woman from the past or present that you admire. What do you admire about her? Is she ladylike? If so, what makes her ladylike? What is it about her behaviour and look that you like?
Lottie defines being ladylike as:
  • Holding yourself with good posture and confidence.
  • Be well presented - always.
  • Move gracefully.
  • Use pleasant language.
  • Use good manners & have good grace.
I don't consider myself to be particularly ladylike or un-ladylike. Just somewhere a bit in the middle, I guess.

My posture could be better - although being pregnant now I sense it could be a bit unbalanced at the moment. Confidence-wise I am getting better. I spend more time looking up than at the floor and I am definitely much better than I was even just a year ago.

I do make much more of an effort with my appearance since starting the finishing school, and it does make a difference I know I keep going on about it! But tough, this is my blog. ;)  But I also have days when I want to be comfortable. I am struggling a bit at the moment to be well-presented all the time as a lot of my clothes already don't fit, so I'm living in leggings at tunic tops or wrap dresses - and my harem pants that are just so comfortable...but probably not something Princess Diana would have been seen in.

Move gracefully....quick side note, you're going to notice a lot of pregnancy related excuses over the next few months, just so you know..... I wear my Uggs a lot at the moment, and favour flat shoes, which don't help with graceful movement. But with summer round the corner, the Uggs will be taking a back step and I'll do my best to look graceful - with a bump.

I do swear a lot. However, I have already make a promise to myself to cut it down because of Fidget (see, not all pregnancy excuses are to get out of doing stuff!) so I am hoping to do better. I never swear in writing, so there's not really any excuse for speaking it either.

I do like to think I have good manners - except when it comes to writing thank you cards. I am a bit lazy with that. But I always say please and thank you. However, I know that because I am small and feel the need to be over assertive at times this can sometimes come across as aggressive. So I do need to tone down on that a bit.

Ok. Someone I admire.

Kylie Minogue. Because she always comes across well in interviews, she speaks well and is graceful and confident, sexy, successful and always looks amazing. 

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Lottie said...

I don't know how I missed this phenomenally exciting piece of news but you're pregnant!! Congratulations! That is do exciting for you. I have quite a few pregnant readers at the moment so I ought to pull my finger out and do some posts on how to look good when pregnant, although I looked awful during mine. I'm glad you're well with it, I envy people that do pregnancy well. Xxx