Tuesday, April 12, 2011

17 Weeks

I thought it was time I posted a little pregnancy update. I am now 17 weeks (& 3 days) pregnant. Time has actually gone pretty quickly. It really doesn't feel like it's been 5 weeks since I had my scan, and the half way mark seems to be really close all of a sudden.

But I am SO excited.

Now that it's all sunk in and I've got used to the idea, I can't wait to meet Fidget and see what he or she is going to be like.

I am feeling great at the moment. The tiredness seems to have passed (I was up past 11:30 last night & up at 7am and feeling fine). I am eating really well - 3 good meals a day, plus healthy snacks - and some not so healthly, but I reckon baby needs that too. :) I love my fruit and veg at the moment and drink plenty of water. I have pretty much cut out the caffeine, with the exception of 1 cup of tea or coffee if I don't have any de-caff. Haven't had any alcohol since the end of January. I'm not doing a huge amount of exercise as I'm not entirely sure what I can do, though I do have a pregnancy yoga DVD to try out.

I do have a bump. It varies day by day, but has been a lot more consistent in the last few days, and I am sure I felt a flutter on Saturday. I can't wait until I can feel baby moving.

So, yeah. I'm pretty happy right now. :) Cakes are going really well and I have a new idea I'm looking at, which hopefully I'll be launching in May. We've finally started work on the house and I'm really hoping the bathroom will be finished by Easter. Plus we're making progress sorting out upstairs so we can get into what will be the nursery. We're also turning our spare room into a guest room & study so that I have somewhere to go and write for Brew Drinking Thinkings and stay on top of my cake accounts, and Matthew has somewhere to write too.

Now, time for some homework.... 

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