Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making a Gingerbread House...it's not as easy as it looks!

The latest table for the Oui Chef challenge over on Beckicklesie is Hansel & Gretel. There are so many things that I could blog about, unfortunately being so tired at the moment, I haven't had the chance to get into the kitchen. It did however remind me of when my neice & I decided to make a gingerbread house.

After all - how difficult could it be?!

Well. I thought I'd make a headstart by making the gingerbread dough so we could get stuck straight in to the rolling & cutting out. Not an easy task in itself! We then made some glue to stick the house together, and unfortunately had a bit of an accident with the front panel of the house.

My neice got to work sticking the sides together, and we got the roof stuck on too. It was all going pretty well, even though the gingerbread pieces had warped somewhat while cooking. I had a huge array of sweets, and we got cracking on sticking everything we could to the house. 

The fizzy rainbow belts made great roof tiles, and Jelly Tots helped to create a 'feature' of our little accident. We also filled the house full of packets of sweets and lollies. Here you can see how much the pieces had warped, although we decided it added a bit of character to the house.

Here is the back side of the house:

And here is where it all started to go wrong. The glue clearly couldn't take the added weight of the sweets and the roof started slipping. Luckily it stayed together long enough to take it to show Nana & Granddad, before collapsing in a heap. Although I can't say that my neice was partculary upset at having to eat the wreckage! :)

We did have some advice from Granddad, a carpenter by trade, for when we next make a house.....Gingerbread joists!!

We did have a fab day though and we laughed a lot. We have also set a date to have another go during the Easter holidays, so if you have any good glue, or gingerbread joist recipes, please leave them below. :)


Onykahonie aka FacelessFood said...

I thought your post was going to show me up, but I'm 'glad' to hear that I'm not the only one to fail as a gingerbread architect!


Rhian said...

How these professional gingerbread house makers do it, I'd love to know! :) I am looking forward to having another go though...