Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Made Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is one of the key ingredients in my cakes. It gives them a bit of a lift. However, it is also the most expensive ingredient. So, while I was looking online to find what other options may be available, I found some instructions on making your own vanilla extract.

I combined the general ethos and quantities from a few sources (see list below) and decided to make my own!

Photo Taken: 13th March 2011

In the jar above are 5 and a half vanilla pods (because we'd used half of one that day for another recipe) and 280ml of vodka. Make sure the vanilla pods are completely covered, then leave the jar for about 8 weeks in a cool, and preferably dark, place. Make sure to gently shake the jar about once a week.

And that's it!

Just 3 days later, this is how my vanilla extract is looking:

Photo taken 16th March 2011

Look at the colour already & it smells amazing! Vanilla extract can also be made with Rum, which I imagine would give amazing flavour to fruit cakes, or even rich chocolate cakes. That will be added to my to do list! :)

Here are some of the sources I discovered on which I based my extract experiment:

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