Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brew Drinking Thinkings

Remember I said I would be blogging for another blog? Well ... I am one of the food writers for Brew Drinking Thinkings. :)

Brew Drinking Thinkings, or BDT to those in the know, is a magazine style uber-blog compiled by some of the best blogging greats from around the web. The aim is to create a central hub where women who don't get a lot of time due to work or parenting, for example, can get the best of the blogosphere and the internet in one place. Features will also include craft classes, service booking systems and shops as well as articles and feature posts. 

The blog launches on Monday, 21st March and will cover a huge range of topics from some amazing bloggers. I hope you will join us all on Monday, and in the meantime you can stay up to date on progress on the BDT Facebook page and follow BrewDrinkThink on Twitter.



So exciting! Thanks for this Rhi x

Lena said...

Exciting times #teambdt