Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This little piggy.... Bento Box

Two things have resulted in this post. Number 1 was @RockSaltUK reminding me about the magic that is Bento and the Oui Chef challenge over on @beckicklesie blog being all about pig meat... and I couldn't resist combining the two!

I'd been trying to come up with a theme for a fun bento, and pig seemed ideal.

So, top layer consisted of:
- Sushi Rolls with a ham centre
- Ham & Sweet Chilli Cheese Rolls (see how to make them below)
- Formed sushi rice topped with ham & cucumber (the oblong shaped bits)
- Pig Onigri (or Japanese Rice Balls stuffed with chopped olives)
- Soy sauce (in little pig shaped bottle)
- Grapes
- Japanese Rice Crackers

The Onigiri is sushi rice, formed into balls thanks to the recipe over at Just Hungry, found via this post on RockSalt's blog.

The bottom layer was a lovely Japanese Pork & Ramen Noodle Salad - recipe below. 

Ham & Sweet Chilli Philly Rolls
To make the rolls, get a slice of medium cut white bread, remove the crusts and roll it out until it's quite thin, and mor eof a dough texture than fluffy bread. Spread the flattened bread with the philadelphia (or other soft cheese) and make sure it's covered edge to edge. Lay a slice of ham on top, leaving a gap of about 1 cm on the edge furthest away from you. Roll the bread, starting with the edge closet to you in a tight spiral - the cheese on the ham free edge should help to seal it. Trim either end (and taste!) then cut the roll into 3.

Japanese Pork & Noodle Salad
Take 100g pork steak and marinade in 1tsp minced ginger, 2tbsp soy and 1tbsp mirin. (Marinade is based on this one on Just Bento's forums) I left it for about 30 minutes. Then chop (if you haven't already) and fry in a little bit of oil until cooked. Leave to cool.
Boil a pint of vegetable stock in a saucepan and add ramen noodles (I used about half a bundle) and cook for 4 minutes. In the last minute add 2 sliced spring onions and some torn lettuce leaves. I used about 4 little gem leaves. When the noodles are done, drain and rinse under cold water to chill.
When the pork is cold mix with the noodles. I ate mine cold, but I'm sure they'd work fine heated up again too.

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