Thursday, January 13, 2011

Juggling & Me-time

After a little break, Lottie has returned with the next installment of her Finishing School - K is for.... this reminded me, that I hadn't posted about the challenge set back in November for J yet. So, here goes.

J is for Juggling and Lottie talks about all the roles women take on, from career to mother, to wife, to domestic goddess, friend... and the challenge is this :
"You must make YOU the priority for one week. Give up something and spend at least 30 minutes of that time, each day, for a week, doing something you enjoy."
I consider myself lucky, in that I do get to spend time on my hobbies, whether that's knitting, reading or cross stitch, I can spend an hour painting my nails and getting ready to go out. 
I do have a full time job, a have set up a part time cake making business, I do a lot of work for my local rugby club & have a husband, pets and house to look after. (Though hubby does make it very easy for me! :)
In theory, this challenge is done. 
But over the last few months I have been thinking more and more about where I am and where I want to be in 5 years time....if I don't win the lottery in the I have decided to set my own little challenge for next week and to put 30 minutes aside each day for my future. I have always been a bit rubbish with money & am finally in a position where I can start saving, this has left me feeling very grown up all of a sudden (must be turning 29) so I am going to start being a grown up and take more responsibility for my future. I am going to start a plan.

Wish me luck!

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