Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy Houmous Bento

The new year has seen hubby return to his WeightWatchers diet & after all the crap we've eaten, I have been getting back into healthy eating. So, when RockSaltUK reminded me about the wonder that is bento, I thought it was a greact chance to try it again.

I did have a go in May last year, when I first heard about it from another twitterer (will post username, when I remember it - sorry!). Here was my first effort:

Tea & Cake Bento
It wasn't all that inspiring / imaginative or tasty, but it was a start. Bit of a false start as it turned out as I haven't done anything since.

Just before Christmas, when perusing the pound shops for cheapy decorations I came accross a 2-tiered lunchbox that I thought maybe someday come in handy, as it turns out it's perfect for bento & a good size for me.

Layer one (bottom) I filled with stir-fry veg, topped with ham and a handful of prawns, then made a dressing with olive oil, white wine vinegar, soy sauce, honey & sweet chilli sauce to drizzle over the top.

The top layer included a pot of salt & pepper houmous (with smiley face drawn on top), carrot sticks, olives, grapes & lettuce.

It's very basic for a bento, but it was very late. However, it did make me smile (and my workmates laugh a little) when I opened it for lunch. It's also very healthy and makes you think about adding different coloured veg to make it look more attractive.

One thing you may or may not know about me, is that when I decide to try something I like to go and buy stuff. I decided to take up running so bought a book & heart rate monitor (no idea why!), when I started crochet I bought books and loads of different sized hooks. So, naturally deciding to start bento I have ordered a few 'necessities' to make it better. Hear are some of my favourites:

Hat Picks (Image from

Jungle themed sauce bottles (Image from

Penguin Mayonnaise Case (Image from
See - how cute are my lunches going to be now?! :)

A little bit of link love for RockSaltUK as I am jumping on her bandwagon a little bit, go and see her blog at for what promises to be the Year of Bento. 


rocksaltuk said...

Oh I LOVE the penguin guy! Hope your stuff arrives soon. It'll be good if we can encourage each other to keep it up, too - we can be bento buddies :D

Rhian said...

Definitely! :D

Gnoe (@Graasland) said...

Love the smiley on your houmous - it put a smile on my face too! :)

And I know all about that BUYING MOOD when discovering something new LOL Happens to me!

Miss N said...

love it :D I am obsessed with bento boxes, my OH got me an actual bento box for christmas, cannot wait to get proper use out of it!