Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Tuesday to Saturday : My 29th Birthday Celebrations

I have had an awesome birthday this year. It can sometimes be a bit lack-lustre so soon after Christmas. No one has money or is detoxing, but this year was different somehow.


My birthday was on Wednesday, but as hubby had darts we decided to start on Tuesday evening with a meal in Hanson's at the Chelsea Restaurant in Swansea, with my parents. It's a lovely, small cafe type place, that serves the most amazing food. Andrew Hanson is reowned for his fish and I will always, without fail order scallops. Except this time they weren't available (gutted!) but I had a Crab & Smoked Salmon Tian which was beautiful.

Starter was accompanied by:

Main course was Gower Lamb 3 Ways which consisted of a lamb chop, lamb noisette with stuffing and a mini shepherds pie. Each piece was so different and tasted divine, each showed the lamb off so well.

Main course was accompanied by:

As it was my birthday, I had to have a pudding.....white chocolate torte. Yum!

with a dessert wine...


Wednesday was my actual birthday, and I had some lovely clothes, a new cake tin and season 6 of Lost - among other things. But the thing that made me smile the most was this FAB card Matthew got for me. Love it!

Didn't really do much - went to work & then to local pub to watch hubby play darts (the joy!)


Another quiet day, but I couldn't resist buying myself a little present with my birthday money:


We invited my parents around for dinner to try out the some recipe in our new Atul Kochar book - Fish Indian Style. Hubby was cooking, so I was in charge of laying the table. Isn't it beautiful? :)

We had Martinis (my first ever - not really sure what I thought of it!)

Starter was 'Scallops 3 Ways' with a grape and mint salad - and it was gorgeous!

 Main course was monkfish & char in a coconut sauce with mango, rice and home-made chapatis. All very tasty, but I forgot to take photos.


Saturday night 14 of us went bowling. Being part of a rugby club we have a large (fab) group of friends but as the boys are usually playing (or watching) rugby on a Saturday it can be difficult to get them to leave the rugby club...apparently bowling is the answer!

Here are my super cool and trendy bowling shoes
(yes, I have size 3 feet, so always get the ones with velcro!)

And here is a very blurry shot of my velvet party dress. Bought from Miss Selfridge for £5. Bargain!

And if that's just turing 29 I can't wait to see what happens next year! ;)


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Okay, you have the same first name as me, some of the same hobbies, and now it turns out you were born in the same month and year as me. Starting to get freaked out!

Rhian said...

Spooky! :)

Would it really freak you out if I told you I went to uni in Bath?